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Health benefits of cold showers

As one form of hydrotherapy, the health benefits of cold water therapy are numerous. Cold showers provide a gentle form of stress that leads to thermogenesis (internal generation of body heat), turning on the body’s adaptive repair systems to strengthen immunity, enhance pain and stress tolerance, and ward off depression, overcome chronic fatigue syndrome, stop hair loss, and stimulate anti-tumor responses.


21 Health Benefits of a Cold Shower

Alexa Fleckenstein, M.D., author of Health20, has a few things to say about cold showers. Within the book, she writes:

“Cold water can do more than just wash away sweat, dirt, old skin cells, bacteria, and viruses:

What a Cold Shower Can Do For You –…-cold-showers/

Enhance immunity against infections and cancer

Give your glands (thyroid, adrenals, ovaries/testes) a boost, improving hormonal activity

Jump-start your mood and motivation

Crank up your metabolism to fight type 2 diabetes, obesity, gout, rheumatic diseases, depression, and more

Normalize your blood pressure

Decrease chronic pain

Train and improve your blood circulation

Detoxify your body

Fight fatigue

Strengthen exhausted, irritable nerves

Rejuvenate, heal, and tone the skin

Deepen your breathing

Help with insomnia

Improve kidney function

Reduce swelling and edema

Improve lymphatic circulation, thereby increasing immune function

Reduce stress by regulating your autonomic nervous system

Regulate temperature, fighting chronically cold hands and cold feet and excessive sweating

Keep your hair healthy

Improve hemorrhoids and varicose veins

Reduce aches and pains

Fuel Poverty in UK Forcing Many to Live a Life of Candlelight, Cold and Early Nights

December 6, 2011 Leave a comment

Tuesday, 06 December 2011 10:04

‘Graham Smith, acting deputy head of the Extra Help Unit (EHU), where some of the most desperate cases of fuel hardship are referred, has had five or six cases in the past few months where older people have been convinced a neighbour must have tapped into their meter and be using their electricity because their bills have gone up so much.

“They’d stopped using their electricity altogether and were just using candles instead. They get fixated on it, sometimes it’s the early stages of dementia. I’ve had to refer a lot of people to social services,” he explains.

Many cases in recent weeks have revolved around people who are having their benefits reassessed too. “We’re seeing a lot of disability living allowance cases, where the benefits are being stopped and they are fighting it but are in limbo and have no money.’

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