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Mexico to Give HPV Vaccine to All Girls From 2012

Wednesday, 31 August 2011 10:31

‘Mexico plans to administer the vaccine against human papillomavirus (HPV), which can cause cervical cancer, to all girls beginning next year, the country’s health ministry said Tuesday.

Beginning in 2012, the HPV vaccine will be part of the normal course of shots given to all girls at the age of nine, Health Minister Jose Angel Cordova said.’

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NATO’s Peaceful and Sustainable Political Solution: Turn Tripoli Into a Slaughterhouse

Tuesday, 30 August 2011 07:15

‘In any case, in an attack coordinated by NATO, rebels from the Western Mountains entered Tripoli from the west and ships delivered fighters from Misrata, fresh from ethnically cleansing Tawergha, into the city. NATO airstrikes were launched against the residential area of Abu Salim.

The short-term results from a humanitarian perspective were predictable: widespread destruction, looting, a collapse of public services, executions, widespread death and destruction and the deaths of hundreds of civilians (particularly black people), militia and fighters on both sides. As AP reports.’

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What is Happening In Novy Kostel, Czech Republic by Germany Border? 10,000 Earthquakes in Four Days!

Sunday, 28 August 2011 07:06

‘The activity started in the evening of 23 August and is almost continuous till now (27 August morning). Almost 10 000 events were recorded in total up to now. Already eight M>3.0 events and hundreds of M>2.0’

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California to Make it a Felony for MDs to Treat Cancer Without Chemotherapy, Radiation or Surgery

Sunday, 28 August 2011 09:32

‘There are more than enough cancer patients in need of treatment, but there aren’t anywhere near enough treatments that get the job done! Medical doctors and CAM practitioners should be working together to pool resources and bring as many options for treatment as possible to the table as consideration for treatment.

It is the moral and scientific responsibility of every health care practitioner who treats cancer to have, or have access to, broad knowledge of all treatments that treat cancer before rushing to any specific treatment, especially if the treatment has potentially serious side effects. This is just simple commonsense. So why, then, doesn’t this happen in the real world? Why do patients feel forced to create their own cancer treatment programs that merges mainstream and CAM treatments and then withhold this information from their practitioners?

Can we let arrogance take precedence over wisdom when choosing a patient’s treatment program, especially when life is at stake? Is it necessary to only accept peer reviewed literature from major medical journals when it comes to recommending treatment. On the other hand, is there any possible value to using time tested treatments that have not been studied from the perspective of western medical research?’

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NaturalNews Exposes Secret Vaccine Industry Ties and Military Involvement With Institute of Medicine, Reveals Fatal Conflicts of Interest at IoM

August 29, 2011 2 comments

Monday, 29 August 2011

‘The Institute of Medicine is suddenly in the news following the release of its vaccine “adverse events” research which found that MMR vaccines actually cause measles, seizures and anaphylactic shock. The old media predictably distorted the story and used it to deceptively announce that “vaccines are not linked to autism!”

In falsely reporting this study from the IoM, however, the old media reporters never bothered to even read the adverse reactions report. Nor did they ask a few simple questions such as “Who is funding the Institute of Medicine? And what is the agenda of the IoM?”

Today, NaturalNews publishes a stunning story about the IoM which reveals this government-created non-profit to be a key player in the military medical complex involving a shady network of weapons manufacturers, the Department of Homeland Security, top pharmaceutical companies and population control globalists such as Bill Gates. Here, we expose who’s giving the IoM money and why the actual sources of funding behind the IoM destroy any credibility it once claimed to have on the subject of public health.’

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Families in Modern Ireland Skip Food to Pay the Mortgage

August 29, 2011 1 comment

Monday, 29 August 2011 09:37

‘Families in modern Ireland are going without food to meet the demand of mortgage debt. The arrival of the second wave of the economic crisis, giving rise for the first time in many decades to the spectre of hunger, has caused shock across the country.

The decision of homeowners to choose hunger over a fear of eviction helps expose as irrelevant the issue of “moral hazard”, the defence of policymakers who resist calls for debt forgiveness.’

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Libya: The Greatest Betrayal

Monday, 29 August 2011 12:07

‘First – let’s not labor under any delusions. Obama, Cameron, and Sarkozy are heads of state in name only. It is the depravity and megalomania amongst the banks, corporations, and the institutions they have contrived, that are responsible for the most egregious betrayal in Western history. For 10 years the West’s leadership have stirred up hatred and fear amongst their populations to justify a lengthy and very costly global war that has sent US, British, Canadian, German, French, and many other troops, around the world, into dangerous adversity, and ultimately to their graves to fight “the forces of terror.”

Now, almost as if savoring the irony, the New York Times, on behalf of the corporate-financier oligarchs that presume dominion over the Western world, fully admit that Al Qaeda terrorists,men who literally killed US troops in both Iraq and Afghanistan are now in Libya and are the benefactors of billions of dollars in Western aid, diplomatic recognition, training, weapons, the lending of intelligence assets, the full unwavering support of the West’s “media,” NATO-member air support, and even graced with Western special forces fighting side-by-side with them on the ground.

This timely confession is also in response in part to revelations that the Libyan rebel commander now filling the streets of Tripoli with indescribable horror is a hardcore Al Qaeda leader, reported first in the Telegraph months ago, and again this week on RT and covered in depth by respected geopolitical analyst Dr. Webster Tarpley.’

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CIA Asset Susan Lindauer blows the whistle on 9/11, Iraq


It’s a properly amazing audio interview from Kevin Barrett @ Truth Jihad, here’s the blurb and a tasty sample:

Susan Lindauer, author of Extreme Prejudice, is the first CIA asset to have spoken out, under her own name and for the record, on Israeli complicity in 9/11, the controlled demolition of the World Trade Center, and the specific, detailed foreknowledge of the time, target, and means of the 9/11 attacks held throughout the months prior to 9/11 by the CIA in general and Lindauer’s CIA handler, Richard Fuisz, in particular. She has also exposed her first-hand knowledge of pre-war intelligence and negotiations showing that Iraq was willing to give the US “anything it asked” and that the war was therefore–from the perspective of US interests–not only utterly unnecessary, but wildly counter-productive. Lindauer’s evidence points strongly to 9/11 being a coup d’etat by hard-line Zionists determined to steer the US into a self-destructive war on Israel’s enemies.

Barrett: So the question then, is…is it just sheer total incompetence and stupidity and grandstanding and egotism–I’m sure all of that contributes to it, but—uh…well, frankly, Susan, my take on all of this is that 9/11 was a Mossad operation, that it was of course done through Cheney’s office. There were no hijackings. The guys that they blamed for it were not terrorists at all.

They weren’t even on the planes. There is not a shred of evidence that any of these guys were on those planes, nor is there a shred of actual evidence that there were any hijackings.

Instead, we had a military operation that was essentially a Zionist coup d’état by the Likkud faction that wanted to destroy Iraq so it would never be a threat to Israel. A prosperous Iraq, allied to the US, would actually be terrible for Israel. That’s why they wouldn’t take the deals that you were brokering. Care to comment?

Lindauer: I think that you are–I do believe in the hijackings, but I believe in everything else that you have just said. One of the things that came out right after 9/11: I’ve often been asked by people what my CIA handler Richard Fuisz’s source was for the 9/11 attack. And he told me briefly, he let it slip. Immediately after the attack, when we were all in a state of shock, he said to me…the first building had collapsed, but it was before the second building collapsed. This is a very important time frame.

He made reference to video tape, which by the way was not released to the public until the next day, but right after 9/11 Richard Fuisz already knows about this video tape! Right after the attack–the first building has collapsed, the second one is still standing–and we’re both talking in the living room, we’re both shouting–I’m in my living room, he’s in his living room, and we’re shouting at the televisions–and he blurts out to me: “Susan, how many times do you think a camera is cued up waiting for a car accident to occur?”

He said, “What do you think are the odds that those two people were just standing on the sidewalk with a video camera waiting patiently for the plane to hit the building?” And he said, “Those are Mossad agents.

They knew that the World Trade Center was about to get hit, and they were waiting there for it to happen so they could record it and put it out in the media.” Now this is before it has even come out in the media. He identifies them as Mossad agents, and I believe–I’m convinced–that that was the source of our knowledge of al-Qaeda. But what you guys don’t know, which I will throw out to you, which comes out in my book, is that from April and May of 2001 onwards, Richard Fuisz instructed me to threaten the Iraqis with war. Now everybody assumes that the war stuff came after 9/11. But it didn’t.

They had decided months before 9/11 ever happened that as soon as this attack occurred, this would be the motivation for the war. So they absolutely knew that this attack was coming. They knew that it was going to be in late August or September. And that opens up a whole new dynamic proving what you have just said: That it was a Mossad conspiracy, that there was complicity…maybe that’s a better word, complicity…I’m going to go a little softer on the language than you. Mossad complicity.

Here’s a link to new Year interview by Kevin Barrett of Susan Lindauer.

Here’s a link to the transcript of the first half of the interview.

Here’s a link to a January 10th interview with THE UGLY TRUTH, about 25 mins into the show, where Lindauer reveals that Sanctions Against Iraq cost 9,000 lives PER MONTH. There was a total of 2 million Iraqis before the Coalition went in – 1 million of them were CHILDREN UNDER FIVE years of age.
Happy that sanctions work, now?

And here’s a link to a January 13th interview with JACK BLOOD, she comes in at around the 70 mins mark.

And here’s a link to a January 16th interview with INTEL HUB, with a second part due for January 30th about The Patriot Act.

REVELATORY SAMPLE from the Intel Hub interview: Sali Malud(sic), Iraq ambassador at the time of 9-11, says, “Susan, you knew about 9-11, so why did you let this attack happen to your own people. Why did you let your own people die? It happened because you wanted to go to war with us and you were willing to kill your own people do it.”

Hmm…. to which Lindauer laughs like a loon, after stating that Malud closed with, “You should ask God for forgiveness!”

Referring to reports of Iraq’s involvement with 9-11, Malud adds, “The Mossad says that.”

Australia 60 Minutes – Fukushima Radiating Everyone on Earth – Unspeakable Impact Upon All of Humanity and Earth!