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Cigar UFO`s






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Expanding Halo Of Light Seen From Hawaii

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Bankers Laugh As Athens Burns. Wall Street Licks Their Chops As Protestors Are Beaten.

Thursday, 30 June 2011 09:49

‘“We’re being blackmailed again (to vote for new austerity measures)…The government doesn’t know what’s going on, it just doesn’t understand.”

As mutters from the socialist benches grew louder, Ms Papariga raised her voice:

“Greece is bankrupt.. The government calls it a crisis but that’s the fact. We’re bankrupt. The process hasn’t yet been completed but it’s on the way… it may be disorderly or not, but it doesn’t depend on this vote. It’s going to happen”.’

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UK Couple Living Off-Grid Facing Prison Unless They Move Back

Thursday, 30 June 2011 10:01

A couple living an “off-grid” lifestyle say they face prison unless they move from their own land in Willand and return to an existence in the benefits trap.

Stig and Dinah Mason bought Muxbeare Orchard after a sudden windfall allowed them to quit their impoverished lives on a Hertfordshire council estate two years ago.

The couple, who have two boys, aged eight and nine, say because they moved onto the site in order to work the land, Mid Devon District Council is turfing them off as officers do not consider them to be conserving an agricultural area. They faced magistrates on March 31 when they were served with an injunction to leave within 28 days from June 1.’

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Smart Meters: We Can Monitor Everything You Do in Your Home

Thursday, 30 June 2011 10:17


‘Although Smart Meters are promoted as energy efficiency components, the actual intent of these meters is to track your use of energy in real time across every 24hr. period, which will allow the provider to bill you for that period at the highest energy rate for the day.

They have another purpose: thanks to Smart Meters, every appliance in your home will be monitored.

As you will be rationed only so much energy for any 24 hr. period, opening and closing your refridgerator too many times during the daily billing cycle can cause your power to be disrupted. Your use of lights, appliances and even your time on the Net will be charged against your daily allowance of power.’

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‘Hundreds of Thousands’ of Public Sector Workers Strike

Thursday, 30 June 2011 10:47

he leader of one of the four unions involved in a national strike has said that the government will be “proved wrong” in its predictions that few will walkout in protest at an overhaul of public sector pensions.

Mark Serwotka, general secretary of the Public and Commercial Services union said “hundreds and hundreds of thousands” were expected to take part in Thursday’s strikes because the government was “failing to compromise” over pension reforms that he claimed were unfair and politically motivated.

Picket lines were mounted outside schools, government buildings, jobcentres and courts today by striking public sector workers in the biggest wave of industrial unrest since the coalition was formed.’

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Earth’s Core: A Moon-Sized Crystal Ball

Thursday, 30 June 2011 10:51

‘Researchers are now probing what may turn out to be the most curious small body the solar system has yet presented for scrutiny: a globe the size of the moon that appears to be a well ordered crystalline entity. This body is poised little more than 5,000 kilometers away, yet it is completely invisible. Located at the center of the earth, it is known simply as the inner core. Two seismologists have just shown that this strange crystal sphere is turning slowly within the rocky and liquid metal enclosure that keeps it all but hidden from scientific investigation.’

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A very large object behind the sun! June 2011

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U.S. Media Imagine Nonexistent Mass Rape in Libya, But are Blind to Mass Murder of Black Africans

Thursday, 30 June 2011 07:18

‘Cynthia McKinney says she now harbors “almost a hatred for the special interest press, because they are actively lying to us.” I feel the same way about the U.S. corporate media, whose incessant, daily lies about Libya are killing people and robbing them of their country. The U.S. press trumpeted the entirely unsubstantiated mega-lie, that Libyan soldiers were being fed rations of Viagra and ordered to engage in the mass rape of Libyan women. It was a total invention of the U.S.-backed rebels in Benghazi and, no doubt, their American and European handlers.

Now, even Amnesty International, which has never been a friend of Moammar Gaddafi’s government, reports they “have not found any evidence or a single victim of rape or a doctor who knew about somebody being raped.” Nothing. The rebels and their foreign friends made the story up out of whole clothe. Such lies were used to justify continued NATO bombing of Libya as necessary to protect the Libyan people – to protect Libyan women from rape by soldiers.’

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Chill Bill: The US Military’s Air Conditioning Bill for Iraq and Afghanistan Gives Me the Shivers

Thursday, 30 June 2011 07:26

‘The United States Military is spending $20.2 billion a year for air-conditioning the troops in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Read that again please: $20.2 billion every year just to provide air-conditioning for our troops in these two desert countries.

How much is $20.2 billion?

Well, I live in Pennsylvania, where the eighth-largest school district in the country, here in Philadelphia, is about to lose 1300 of its 11,000 teachers–that’s 12% of the teaching staff in an already overcrowded school system–because the state’s Republican governor and legislature want to cut some $500 million in education funding from the state’s $27-billion budget. That military air-conditioning bill could not only restore those teachers by closing the $400 million budget deficit facing the Philadelphia School District. It could almost fund the entire budget of the state! In fact, it could probably fund the school budget deficit in almost all the school districts in the nation.’

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