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Why Mining an Asteroid for Water and Precious Metals Isn’t as Crazy as it Sounds

Planetary Resources wants to start mining asteroids, and there’s no good reason why they cannot
By Clay Dillow Posted 04.24.2012 at 3:59 pm

Billionaire-backed space startup Planetary Resources has officially unveiled its business plan to much fanfare and with few surprises. The company’s principals–which include X-Prize Foundation founder Peter Diamandis, Space Adventures co-founder Eric Anderson, and former NASA Flight Director Chris Lewicki–today pledged that Planetary Resources would make the abundant resources of space available here on Earth, and introduced a couple of the company’s own spacecraft that will make such space prospecting possible. The rush for space resources is officially on.


Plans to Strip Mine the Moon May Soon be More Than Just Science-Fiction

Friday, 08 July 2011 07:20

‘It may not be long before we start mining the moon for its resources, particularly the rare Helium-3 for its use in nuclear fusion.

Billions of tonnes of resources, ranging from water to gases to metals, have been detected on the Moon and further out into space, and both governments and private companies are navigating the ambiguous legal parlance to determine how to reach, extract and distribute it all.’

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