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Major earthquake hits off Indonesia, april 11 2012

Indonesia’s Aceh province has been hit by a magnitude 8.7 earthquake, the US Geological Survey said today.

The country’s Meteorology, Climatology and Geophysics Agency issued a tsunami warning after the quake, which struck off the west coast of Sumatra today. USGS revised down its original reading on the quake from 8.9.

Buildings in neighbouring Singapore shook after the quake hit. There were no immediate reports concerning damage.

MAR. 12: Massive triangle shaped hole in the Sun’s corona recorded by NASA

Don`t know what to say about this, it seems to have happened at the same time with the other solar event, posted here 2 posts back. You can see the other event at 1:20 in the lower left corner and pictures of this huge triangle on the SDO site…