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FBI Organizes Almost All Terror Plots in the US

Wednesday, 24 August 2011 08:58

‘The Federal Bureau of Investigation employs upwards of 15,000 undercover agents today, ten times what they had on the roster back in 1975.

If you think that’s a few spies too many — spies earning as much as $100,000 per assignment — one doesn’t have to go too deep into their track record to see their accomplishments. Those agents are responsible for an overwhelming amount of terrorist stings that have stopped major domestic catastrophes in the vein of 9/11 from happening on American soil.

Another thing those agents are responsible for, however, is plotting those very schemes.’

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Ted Gunderson Former FBI Chief – Most Terror Attacks Are Committed By Our CIA And FBI

Tuesday, 05 July 2011 09:37

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Former FBI Chief Ted Gunderson Says Chemtrail Death Dumps Must Be Stopped

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