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Anders Behring Breivik: Norway court finds him sane – 21 years in jail

August  24, 2012

LIVE: Coverage of Anders Behring Breivik verdict

A Norwegian court has found that mass killer Anders Behring Breivik is sane and sentenced him to 21 years in jail.

Breivik admitted killing 77 people and wounding more than 240 others when he bombed central Oslo and then opened fire at an island youth camp last year.

He insisted he was sane and refused to plead guilty, seeking to justify his attacks by saying they were necessary to stop the “Islamisation” of Norway.

Prosecutors had called for him to be considered insane.

The five judges were unanimous in ruling that Breivik was sane.

He was convicted of terrorism and premeditated murder, and given the maximum sentence of 21 years’ imprisonment.

However, that can be prolonged at a later date if he is deemed to remain a danger to society.

Delivering the verdict, Judge Wenche Elizabeth Arntzen imposed a sentence of “preventive detention,” a special prison term for criminals considered dangerous to society.

She set the minimum length of imprisonment to 10 years.

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Belarus Executes Two Men Convicted of Subway Bombing

Monday, 19 March 2012 08:45

‘Two men convicted of carrying out a deadly subway bombing last year in Belarus’ capital have been executed, drawing strong condemnation from activists and the European Union.

The mother of one of the two 26 year olds said that she had received official notification of the execution of her son, Vladislav Kovalyov. State television reported late Saturday that both Kovalyov and Dmitry Konovalov had been put to death, which in Belarus is done with a shot to the back of the head.

Human rights activists condemned the hasty executions, saying they deprived society of the opportunity to learn the truth. “The government was in a rush to throw a white shroud over all the contradictions and discrepancies in the case,” activist Lyudmila Gryaznova said Sunday. “The execution of the so-called terrorists, whose guilt remains under suspicion, gives the appearance that the government is concealing the traces of the crime.”‘

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Grandmother Convicted of Animal Cruelty and Made to Wear Electronic Tag… for Being Too Upset to Put Elderly Dog Down

Thursday, 28 July 2011 11:21

‘Devastated Pauline Spoor was so attached to her beloved chocolate labrador Dexter she could not face having him destroyed, even though the frail animal was nearly 18-years-old and struggled to walk.

The RSPCA broke into her home and, after finding the dog with numerous medical problems, charged 71-year-old Mrs Spoor with causing unnecessary suffering to her loyal companion.

Dexter, who had been suffering from fur loss, arthritis and conjunctivitis, was put to sleep by a vet the day after he was found by the animal welfare charity. After being hauled in front of Tameside magistrates, retired cashier Mrs Spoor was spared jail but ordered to wear a tag and given a nine-hour daily curfew. Divorcee Mrs Spoor admitted an animal cruelty charge and said she was ‘blinded by love’ for her pet after being fined £250 costs and given the three-month curfew.’

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