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People vs. government

January 29, 2013 Leave a comment

UK Plans Wealth-Based Border Control’

Wednesday, 11 July 2012

‘Immigrant welfare groups have condemned the British government’s plan for fast-track passport check lanes for ‘trusted passengers’ from wealthy nations at London’s Heathrow Airport as discriminatory against developing world travelers.’

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Obama gives himself control of all communication systems in America

July 10, 2012

US President Barack Obama (AFP Photo/Pool/Luke Sharrett)

US President Barack Obama (AFP Photo/Pool/Luke Sharrett)

US President Barack Obama quietly signed his name to an Executive Order on Friday, allowing the White House to control all private communications in the country in the name of national security.

President Obama released his latest Executive Order on Friday, July 6, a 2,205-word statement offered as the “Assignment of National Security and Emergency Preparedness Communications Functions.” And although the president chose not to commemorate the signing with much fanfare, the powers he provides to himself and the federal government under the latest order are among the most far-reaching yet of any of his executive decisions.

“The Federal Government must have the ability to communicate at all times and under all circumstances to carry out its most critical and time sensitive missions,” the president begins the order. “Survivable, resilient, enduring and effective communications, both domestic and international, are essential to enable the executive branch to communicate within itself and with: the legislative and judicial branches; State, local, territorial and tribal governments; private sector entities; and the public, allies and other nations.”

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Facebook Purchases Israeli Facial Recognition Company

June 20, 2012 2 comments

Wednesday, 20 June 2012

‘Facebook has acquired!

Our mission is and has always been to find new and exciting ways to make face recognition a fun, engaging part of people’s lives, and incorporate remarkable technology into everyday consumer products.

If you’re anything like us, Facebook is a part of your life every single day. We keep up with our friends and family, share interesting (or mundane) experiences from our daily lives, and perhaps most importantly for us, we share a LOT of photos.’

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Apple’s iOS 6 Includes ‘Government Alerts’

June 19, 2012 2 comments

Tuesday, 19 June 2012

‘Apple’s eagerly awaited iOS 6 update for iPhones and iPads will include controversial ‘government alerts’ that some fear are part of the federal government’s takeover of communications networks.

“In compliance with the National Alerting Program, the WEA will be coming to Apple devices that will run on the new mobile OS once it arrives this fall. The iOS 6-compatible devices include iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPod Touch 4G, iPad 2 and the new iPad. This means that users with older iPhone will be able to receive WEA messages once they upgrade their handset to the new mobile software,” reports AMOG.

The federal government is keen to implement a centralized system of control over all communications, with last year’s announcement that all new cell phones will be required to comply with the PLAN program (Personal Localized Alerting Network), which will broadcast emergency alert messages directly to Americans’ cell phones.’

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New Executive Order Seizes Total Control over Civilian Activities

Sunday, 18 March 2012 08:44

‘A new Executive Order signed on March 16, 2012, gives Obama the power to seize all forms of transportation, food, and any other civilian services including health care, for national defense, as well as to conscript necessary persons for a National Defense Executive Reserve. This is an all-inclusive E.O. that executes total control over everything from home gardens to any form of transportation, to forcing people to work for the collective. Read it and weep.

For those who think this new Executive Order will not affect you because you think we are not in a “national emergency,” understand that WE ARE, with Iran as the excuse. Obama signed a “Continuation of the National Emergency with Respect to Iran” on March 13, just three days before the following E.O.’

Read more: New Executive Order Seizes Total Control over Civilian Activities

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David Icke-Einstein-Gandhi-King: Protesting with anger and hostility is giving the Control System exactly what it wants

Tuesday, 12 July 2011 09:45

Don’t ‘fight’ the system – heart and dance and non-comply the system out existence.

The peaceful, heart-centered non-comply dance – no violence, no hostility.

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David Icke and Others on Chemtrails

Friday, 01 July 2011 11:41

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