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Neotame: 13,000 Times Sweeter Than Sugar And Even More Toxic Than Aspartame

Thursday, 15 March 2012 09:09

‘In the event that the public becomes too informed and savvy about toxic additives in our food supply, what’s a multi-billion dollar industry to do? The first step is to create another more toxic version of the additive. The second step is to collude with regulatory authorities such as the FDA to convince the public that the new, more toxic additive is safe. The third and final step is to prevent the toxic additive from being listed on any ingredient labels.

From the folks that brought us Aspartame, meet Neotame, a deadly sweetener that you’ll never see on a label because…well that’s just the way the FDA wants it.’

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Hidden FDA Studies Show Aspartame Causes Birth Defects

January 11, 2012 2 comments

Monday, 09 January 2012 10:28

‘We knew that when you had the call for data the only thing you would make public was industry studies and propaganda and not all the investigations and independent peer reviewed research we sent you. That’s why it was all sent to Parliament at the same time it was sent to you. They know aspartame was never proven safe, that FDA wanted the company indicted, that studies were stripped from the records, and the only reason aspartame was ever marketed for human consumption was through political chicanery of Don Rumsfeld.

They all have the link to the independent scientific peer reviewed research and the carcinogenic studies that showed aspartame caused cancer from the very beginning.’

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Avoiding Artificial Sweeteners? They Are In The Drinking Water

September 20, 2011 Leave a comment

Tuesday, 20 September 2011 08:14

‘In recent tests, water samples from US water treatment plants discovered that the artificial sweetener sucralose (Splenda) is a widespread contaminant in both source water and treated water. Sucralose is a persistent contaminant as it is not broken down by the chemical water treatment process.

Previous research has shown that sucralose can destroy up to 50 percent of beneficial intestinal bacteria (probiotics), which are essential for general health and a strong immune system.¬†Sucralose is chemically closer to DDT and Agent Orange than it is to sugar.’

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