Approval Addicts

So…one of these days i remembered some things about my mother…i remembered our fights,our nice moments,our moments of confession…I had a good relationship with her.

And then i reevaluated my behavior and i was terrified 😦 I found out that i perpetuate a behavior that i don’t even like .

I found myself acting like her in some unpleasant moments and that made me sad.

And then i realized that  we are not who we think we are…we are what others made us.We like to think that we are in control but we’re not.

We are an amalgam of people from our childhood.We are what others made us believe that we must be.So you’ve learned what’s good and what’s bad from your grandparents,you rely your principles on what you parents taught you,you established your goals in life on teachers advices and so on…

And in this crowd of voices telling…

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