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US Has New Catastrophic Killing Machine

Saturday, 20 August 2011 06:31

‘The new type of explosive material tested on Friday mixes metals and polymers — oxidizers — to create a chemical explosion on impact, is as strong as aluminum and is as dense as steel, but is “less likely to kill innocent bystanders,” the state-run BBC quoted US Navy scientists as saying.

High-Density Reactive Materials (HDRM) combine and explode only when the projectile hits the target, and are very durable, significantly enhancing the explosive effect, which increases the chances of a “catastrophic kill,” according to the military scientists.

Clifford Bedford, a researcher involved in the development of the new material, said, “In the case of a steel missile you explosively launch it, it goes through the target and all the kinetic energy is dissipated into the target.”‘

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