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The Rise of Knights Templar Europe

‘The initial response to the appalling act he did was that he was a madman. Geir Lippestad, the lawyer of the 32-year-old Breivik who claimed responsibility for the death of 76 people said, “This whole case indicated that he is insane.” Later, he however said his “client is part of an anti-Islam network with around 80 terror cells across the West with two in Norway.”

While rejecting the existence of such cells in Norway, Norwegian domestic intelligence chief Janne Kristiansen says she does not think Breivik is insane, “I have been a defense lawyer before and in my opinion this is clearly a sane person because he has been too focused for too long and he has been doing things so correctly. In my experience of having had these sorts of clients before, they are normally quite normal but they are quite twisted in their minds, and this person in addition is total evil.”

Yet, to the dismay of many, a 1,467-page document containing gruesome details of the terrorist act soon revealed that Breivik belonged to a group he helped form known as the ‘Knights Templar Europe’ when he met eight other extremists in London in 2002 in order to “seize political and military control of western European countries and implement a cultural conservative political agenda.”‘

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