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Claim: Elenin Is An Extinction Level Event

Monday, 11 July 2011 10:23

‘Lately there has been a lot of talk about ‘Elenin’ and the upcoming disaster which will strike Earth.. Not to mention the crazy weather we have been having… Earthquakes, Flooding and Volcanoes are only the beginning.. Below I’m going to include some undeniable evidence about a pending global meltdown and the end of the world; as we know it.. Read our other posts below before you read the Elenin information… All these links below connect the dots to this Elenin theory and it also suggests that ‘something’ is about to happen soon…’

Read more: Claim: Elenin Is An Extinction Level Event

 Please, please, will everyone calm down?  The end of the world IS NOT coming. A bumpy ride for a while, very likely, but not the end of the world. Please don’t buy into this stuff. That is what the Control System wants you to do.

They are playing out a whole fake end of the world scenario from many directions and it’s a scam.

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