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Weather Warfare? Midsection and Eastern US Riddled With HAARP Rings, Why?

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Ok, let’s get something really clear, right off the bat. Normal naturally occurring weather patterns created by natural cycles DO NOT look like little clusters of doughnut circles, or concentric circles. Below is a photo of normal, naturally occurring USA weather patterns:

OK. We have all seen that image above all our lives, right? Then what the hell is this below supposed to be? Weather does not happen in little circles and perfectly round doughnuts.

The HAARP weather modification program is beginning to look more and more like a weapon of mass destruction, if not mass inundation at least. Why are these rings being aimed at the most populous section of the USA? What is the purpose of these rings? Who is at the controls of these manifestations and why are these HAARP rings being aimed at USA population centers? I have many more questions than I can provide answers, and it is beginning to look like Frankenstein science. Here are the videos:

I have to comment once again that normal weather patterns produced by mother nature do not look like overlapping little round concentric circles and multiple little round doughnuts! What the hell is being done to the Midwest and central USA and for God’s sakes … Why?

I welcome any intelligent explanation on this bizarre “mad weather scientists” phenomenon. There is no doubt that someone somewhere is tinkering with the weather over the continental USA. Why would someone want the heartland of the nation to be flooded? It’s a well known fact that they don’t want us to be growing our own food. Is this the next step? To inundate farmlands with intent and purpose, for what? To drive up the cost of commodities to the point that a loaf of bread costs ten dollars, and the big food corporations have the monopoly on bread? I am speculating out loud because what I am seeing in these videos defies all logic and common sense. I invite others to ask these questions, and do the deep digging that is needed to find answers. America is under attack – from within – using weather modification mad science, gone completely over the edge. Why?

Chase Kyla Hunter 5.12.2011

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