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Rothschild Owned Economist Issues Warning

Sunday, 03 July 2011 11:03

‘While many may believe the Economist is a reputable news publication, it is in reality a clearinghouse for the global corporatacracy and their illegitimate agenda. The Economist itself admitted to consorting with the global-elite at various venues including the annual, illegal Bilderberg meeting. And while many may rush to their defense, claiming such consorting is innocuous, the constant litany of self-serving, agenda peddling articles it turns out suggests differently.

No piece better exemplifies this than their latest article, “Hands off the result.” Describing Thailand’s upcoming July 3 elections, the Economist considers the country as good as in the hands of the foreign-backed opposition party, and instructs the current Thai government to “behave as a loyal opposition.”‘

Read more: Rothschild Owned Economist Issues Warning


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