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Zionism’s Historic Partnership with Anti-Semites

Saturday, 02 July 2011 06:40

‘Zionism is predicated on the dogma that anti-Semitism is a pervasive and untreatable condition among Gentiles. When anti-Semitism is not overt and violent, it is latent and awaiting the right conditions to manifest as pogroms.

Therefore, the only way Jews can escape this inherent anti-Semitism is by establishing a Jewish homeland. Zionist dogma further states that assimilation of Jews does not work; that ultimately even assimilated Jews will become victims of Gentile anti-Semitism.Zionists from the beginning welcomed anti-Semitism as a means of undermining what Zionists believed was the sense of false security of Jews in western, liberal societies, and as the means by which Jews would be kept in a permanent state of neurosis.’

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