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‘Global Cataclysms’ Not Conspiracy Theory Any Longer

Thursday, 16 June 2011 05:33

‘In a June 13 article in The Guardian of the UK, reporter John Vidal writes that the weather extremes our planet is now experiencing constitute a “new normal.” WMR has been citing planetary anomalies for a few years and now the so-called “main stream” media is beginning to take notice. Vidal calls the phenomenon “global weirding.” While Vidal does not add the increase in quakes and volcanic eruptions plaguing the Earth, the suggestion that something is radically wrong is being noticed.

Although U.S. government scientists and their stenographers in the media continue to call the spate of quakes, volcanoes, and wild weather “normal,” it is becoming clear that our planet is being affected by forces that have little to do with human activity. Whether the planet is flipping its axis prior to the cataclysmic event foretold by the ancient Mayan calendar is still any one’s guess, but what is clear is that Earth-changing events are now affecting politics, economics, the environment, and standards of living around the planet.’

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