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Evidence of Vedic Cosmology and Harmonic Science in the Pyramid Civilization of Ancient Bosnia

SATURDAY, JUNE 11, 2011 AT 7:18PM

Image: The Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun

By Richard Merrick – InterferenceTheory.com


Concerning the pyramids near the town of Visoko in Bosnia and Herzegovina, this paper seeks to explain the symbolisms associated with several artifacts discovered in this region, some carbon dated as old as 10,000 years. The three pyramids, Sun, Moon and Dragon, were named from the emblem of the medieval Bosnian King Tvrtko. This symbolism descends from a sacred mountain named Meru described in the Rigveda, believed to originate in pre-Vedic Indo-Iranian culture. Evidence is presented here to establish a link to this pre-Vedic civilization, founded on astrotheological fertility symbolisms and harmonic physics.


Evidence of Vedic Cosmology and Harmonic Science in the Pyramid Civilization of Ancient Bosnia

About Richard Merrick:

Richard Merrick was the founder and CEO of Postfuture, a pioneering rich-media communications provider for companies like Best Buy and Microsoft. Under his leadership, the company grew from a tiny start-up in 1999 into the top digital communications company of 2004 and 4th fastest growing technology company in Texas. Prior to this, he was the technology founder and elected CEO of 7th Level, a global CD-ROM game publisher and Internet technology company known for such award-winning titles as TuneLand Starring Howie Mandel and Monty Python’s The Quest for the Holy Grail.

Merrick’s work spans many areas of digital media, including search engines, graphics operating systems, multi-media authoring applications, interactive games, voice-response Web agents and dynamically personalized Internet communications. Throughout his career he has been invited to speak around the world on the future of digital media and cited as an expert in leading publications.

He is an improvisational pianist & composer, archetypal artist and independent researcher into the physics, history and social ramifications of harmonic science. He received his B.A. (magna cum laude) and M.S.C.S. degrees from the University of Texas at Dallas.

Richard Merrick offers amazing insight through his independent research into the physics, history and social ramifications of harmonic science.

Excerpts from the Venus StarKey

The Venus StarKey makes the startling case that the orbital resonance pattern of Venus as seen from Earth was central to the development of early science, religion and government. Throughout history, the pentagonal cycle of Venus has been repeatedly associated with the feminine presence of God – from Babylonian Ishtar and Hindu Vena to Saxon Eastre and Greek Aphrodite. New evidence now suggests that the orbital geometry of Venus, tracing out a pentacle between the Sun and Earth, was used as a sacred fertility symbol in the design of the world’s greatest temples, pyramids and cathedrals. Revealed here for the first time, this is the astonishing story of The Venus StarKey.

The evidence begins with the discovery of a Vedic religious symbol known as Mount Meru etched into the crypt wall of 15th century Rosslyn chapel. This one symbol leads to a cascade of revelations suggesting this Roman Catholic collegiate chapel was actually designed to preserve and celebrate a much older Vedic cosmology known today as The Birth of Venus.

The author shows how a specific geometrical pattern, the StarKey fractal pattern, was apparently used in the design of the chapel’s acoustics, placement of architectural symbols and overall floor plan. More significantly, the same StarKey pattern is shown to exist in the Great Pyramid of Giza, Solomon’s Temple of Jerusalem and St. Peter’s Basilica in Vatican City, among others.

Supported by an impressive array of historical research and scientific analysis, the Venus StarKey emerges as perhaps the single most important symbol in human history. Through it, one can sense the light behind all of the world’s religions straining to shine through—a beautiful musical light founded on the celestial cycles and universal harmonic principles in nature.


“La soppressione dell’antica scienza armonica” di Richard Merrick

Riassunto: La conoscenza della geometria armonica del suono è stata mantenuta segreta dalla Chiesa e, più di recente, dalla scienza, tuttavia sta sorgendo una nuova era nella quale apprenderemo a connetterci con il nostro “archetipo interno”.

L’articolo apparso su NEXUS NEW TIMES N. 80




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