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The bosnian pyramids



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Excerpts from “The Bosnian Pyramid of Sun”, by Semir Osmanagic;
published by Klepsidra Sarajevo, October 2005, first edition.

12,500 years ago a large part of the European continent was under deep layers of ice. Areas of Southern Europe from France through Spain, Italy, Croatia, Bosnia, Turkey and Caucasian areas have grown rapidly with human cultures.

Developed societies of the Pacific, Atlantic and Mediterranean have left a strong outline on the architecture, social organization and spiritual life of people in Southern Europe . Bosnia and Herzegovina as well as the Adriatic rim has been important as a potent energy source for them.

Ranging a few hundred kilometres from river Sava to the Adriatic Sea, Bosnia and Herzegovina was considered one of the most outstanding areas in Europe at that time. Several millennium inaugurals of Illyrian and Basque-Caucasian people left behind genius facilities in the form of pyramids, monolithic towns formed in stone and complex energy harvesting systems.

12,000 years ago a universal cataclysm, which resulted in the ice melting in most of Europe , caused a few hundred-meter rise in the sea level. Civilizations were under the sea. Soon after, the water retreated and during the centuries that followed soil and maquis covered the pyramids.

Now we have a rare opportunity to lay a hand on the remnants of our ancestors. We can foresee a mosaic using several accessible pictures. A mosaic that makes Bosnia and Herzegovina an archaeological treasure.

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