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Bosnian pyramids: Stunning new images of the Ravne maze!

Sunday, February 20, 2011 at 1:45PM


New images come from the Bosnian valley of the pyramids. The leading archaeologist of the Foundation APBPS, Mrs. Dr. Sara Acconici, team member of the Italian SB Research Group and now a permanent  resident of Visoko, has descended recently in the new tunnel sections accompanied by an Italian archaeological  speleologist. These brave researchers have entered more than 120 meters inside the flooded tunnel labyrinth and they stopped only when the water level reached a considerable height.

However, they were able to take some very interesting images.

Photo: Ravne tunnel section partially flooded by water, detail

Photo: The tunnel section shows a partially flooded drainage channel

Photo: Partially flooded drainage channel, detail

Photo: Drainage channel, detail

Photo: Drainage channel and dry walls, detail

Photo: Nicely preserved section of the drainage channel, detail

Photo: Underwater photograph, detail

Photo: Channel cut into the clay layer, detail

Photo: Partially collapsed sidewall, detail

Photo: SB Identity waiting in ambush, detail

Photo: SB Identity materialising in another tunnel section, detail

Drawing: Hypothetical reconstruction of Ravne maze; credits Eng’r. G. Battistoni

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