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Marshmallow Experiment – Human Programming

Stanford university recently conducted an experiment for the BBC that replicated one they did 40 years ago that was used to reveal certain behaviours in children that can predict future academic success and happiness. For the experiment a four year old child is left alone in a room with a plate of three marshmallows, the child is told they have to wait for up to twenty minuets before they can eat all THREE marshmallows. However the child is also told,  if they can’t wait for the full twenty minuets then they should ring a bell and they will then only be allowed to have ONE marshmallow. This experiment has been proved to predict a child’s academic potential as well as the child’s future success and happiness. The original experiment concluded after observing all of  the children growing up over 40 years that all of the children able to wait for the full twenty minuets were more likely to do well in later life.

This experiment was recently featured in a BBC documentary about intelligence called, ‘What makes us intelligent?’ and it got me thinking about how this experiment can predict a child’s future  and why. Unfortunatly, after thinking about this experiment further I didn’t like what suddenly dawned upon me because I realized at its most fundamental level this experiment only demonstrated a child’s respect for authority and it actually served to program their minds into a more obedient citizen. Let me explain.

The experimenters were using this experiment to test the child’s ability to resist their own desires in order to gain a reward. Its understandable why they would do this experiment because as a child gets older and they start school, they will need to resist their own desires in order to gain the reward of an education along with intelligence for later in life.  Image of Marshmallow SweetsBut now lets consider this experiment from a psychological point of view. The child is being told by a grown up that they can have all three marshmallows if they can wait for twenty minuets but, they can only have one if they can’t wait. In a child’s mind the ONLY thing that is stopping them from eating the marshmallow is the grown up telling them the rules. The child is left in the room on their own with the three marshmallows and the only thing between them eating all three is the grown up authoritarian figure who has told them they can only have one marshmallow if they can’t wait. The child is being conditioned to obey this grown up and the rules in order to get a reward because if they don’t, they will be punished with only one marshmallow.

The natural reaction of the child should have been to eat all three marshmallows as soon as the grown up left the room. To add insult to injury, the child was told to ring a bell if they couldn’t wait the full twenty minuets so this was conditioning the child to ASK for their own punishment.

Its no surprise that this experiment can test how well a child will do in society because our modern society is all about obeying authority and personal sacrifices. This experiment highlights the programming that each of us have forced upon us in every modern society and it really demonstrates how we have all become so easy to manipulate. Its an insight into the evil psychology the illuminati have imposed on modern man to make us their slaves.

Image of child and marshmallow experiment

The Science of modern psychology


Our current respect for psychology is incredibly dangerous because we’re playing with something we don’t funny understand and we’re often making wild assumptions based on very little evidence without having any real comprehension of the long term damage we could be causing.

A mind should be allowed to grow and mature naturally without forcing behaviors and beliefs into it just because they are deemed more acceptable in modern society. We have no idea how the mind is supposed to evolve naturally and science makes the very dangerous assumption that intelligence is a vital necessary attribute just because it is our greatest asset at the moment. (we believe) The truth of the matter is we simply don’t know the true nature of our mind and I would hazard a guess that its so far beyond our human comprehension to even try to understand it. This makes psychology an extremely dangerous science that could be doing irreversible damage to the human mind. Its our own ignorance and self proclaimed intellect that could potentially end up holding us back while we think we’re working towards progress. How naive!

I believe this is a consequence of modern mans disconnection from nature. On many occasions I have seen works by some of the great minds of the past and it always feels like these great people still had this connection to nature, they still had that wonderous curiosity of life along with a deep respect for nature. This appreciation appears to have disappeared in most scientists today because the more we understand something, the less we appreciate it.  All this makes me think that intelligence could eventually be the cause of our downfall.

Predictions of success and happiness

What REALLY annoys me is the claim that this experiment measures future success and happiness for the child. It may rightly predict success because we live in a world where people need to obey authority and constantly make personal sacrifices in order to succeed in these modern societies. However, this is not an experiment that measures happiness by any stretch of the imagination.

Image of girl with graphic text

In our modern authoritarian hierarchy societies, depression is at a pandemic levels. People have become so conditioned to this way of thinking that you must obey authority, make personal sacrifices and request your own punishment in order to gain a respectful standing in society, that they have no comprehension of life without these barriers. Then add to this the concept of money and the whole notion of success being determined by the amount of stuff and the quality of stuff you own, the whole personal possession belief that all your sacrifices are rewarded by more stuff. With all this in mind you start to paint a better picture of how the human being has been programmed to think unnaturally and opposite to how were supposed to be. For one, we shouldn’t feel this craving for materialistic possessions because we live on an abundant planet where all the resources around us belong to nobody and everybody. This is an artificial emotion that’s been created and it literally dictates many peoples lives. But back to the supposed happiness. Most people are far from happy, in fact I would go so far as to say most people don’t even realize how unhappy they actually are.

All people have as a guide is other materialistic people and if someone has all the STUFF they could possibly need they tell themselves I can’t be unhappy. Most people don’t even consider a different way of doing things and most people don’t realize that our current modern way of life is unnatural. Unfortunatly until this truth is acknowledged, people will reside in their unhappiness and deny themselves the true experience of life because they know nothing different. Its a very sad fact but humanity as a whole is a very unhappy race and most people simply don’t know why regardless of how intelligent they are because their not prepared to believe that we’ve been taken down a very bad WRONG path.

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